Welcome to the webside  BONA art, s.r.o.  

BONA art, s.r.o. is Czech producer of wooden gift boxes (cassettes) since 1998.

We produce wooden boxes that may be painted or unpainted, on the lid can be affixed some sign, logo or some other graphics.

For our customers we are able to produce the piece or a larger series.

The inside of the boxes may be empty or equipped with a special inside holder to fix the embedded object which will be placed inside.

Can be used the following materials:

for lid:     - foam (can be also be colored flok used)

               - Coated with a soft satin lining

               - Flocked wallpaper

for bottom:   - flocked bed (blister base, wood .....)

                     - for fragile objects is possible to make a special holder coated with saten or velvet .....

                     - wooden partitions