In our company mainly we make produce wooden boxes according to the wishes of individual customers.   

Just send a sketch or goods themselves, and we will for you wooden boxes ourselves to design and produce peace.  

At our webside you may view some of them.

These are mainly:  

   - wooden boxes for coins, medals, decorations, awards .... 

  - wooden boxes for gift packaging bottles

  - wooden boxes of pencils, pens, different sets, papers

  - wooden pencil cases with running lid

  - wooden box for fishermen

  - wooden box for storing A4 documents (certificates, contracts, etc.)

                                - with name

                                - with your company logo

                                - with other graphics (eg, sign)

   - wooden box for gift sales of cut glass, porcelain, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

  - wooden box as a container for the sale of precision measuring equipment, optics and other small items

   - miscellaneous promotional items made of wood

  - wooden box as a sampler for the needs of dealers, etc.